Tuesday, March 1

Delivery Kits

Friday was the day for putting together all the delivery kits for the Craft Hope project and although it only ended up being two of us, we managed to put together 12 kits for the ladies in Haiti. I had one friend bring by soap for the kits the night before, which I really appreciated and my mom and grandma pitched in with some supplies. On Friday my wonderful friend Marissa showed up with two of her kids and some supplies and while the kids played with Play Doh, we cut the plastic sheeting and string so we could bag everything up.
 Once we had everything ready we separated everything into piles. Scarlett loved helping with this, she loves organizing and grouping things. I talked to her earlier in the morning about what we were doing and why, she obviously didn't really understand all that was going on but she said knew we were doing this to help babies and she kept saying she wanted to see the babies, it was very sweet.
 Marissa cutting up the plastic.
 Our piles ready to be packaged up.
 Scarlett and I stuffing the bags.
 After our friends left, I got to work on sewing the bags that would hold each of the kits. I made simple drawstring bags from some lovely material my grandma had passed onto me and really enjoyed the time spent making them. When you are working on a project like this you can't help but to think about where the bags will be going after this and that was so humbling.
 I'm so glad that Craft Hope put this project together and that I was able to be a part of it. I love what the people at Konbit Sante are doing and plan to continue working with them by providing them with supplies when possible.
I pray that each of these bags blesses a family and that it provides a safe and clean start for a new life.

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