Thursday, January 20

Let's Craft Hope for Haiti

Craft Hope for Haiti Shop Spreading seeds of hope one stitch at a time
I recently came across a wonderful blog called Craft Hope  and love what the ladies over there are doing. One of the things that I knew I wanted to start doing this year was put some of my crafting energy into making a difference outside of my home. I think the latest project at Craft Hope is a great place to start. You can read about the project in more detail here but to sum it up we will be assembling delivery kits for Konbit Sante, a group working to improve the health of the people in Haiti, that will supply the birth attendants there with sanitary kits to use during delivery. As a mom, reading about their birthing conditions, it really humbled me to think about how lucky I am to live where I'm at.  
So what I'm hoping to do is assemble several of these kits with your help! Together we can gather the supplies, do a little crafting (if that's your thing), and help these women out.

 Each birthing kit contains:

1 small bar of soap
1 piece of clean plastic sheeting, 3 feet wide by 4 feet long
1 piece of clean string, 24 inches long
1 packet alcohol wipe
1 set of sterile latex gloves
1 packet (or travel container) Purelle
1 handmade tote bag
I would also like our kits to include 1 receiving blanket and 1 stuffed animal, let's make these special!

 So I am looking for donations of the items listed above, expect the stuffed animals, my mom is taking care of that. If you want to donate one item, or enough to fill a whole kit, anything will help. I will sew the tote bags and receiving blankets, unless there is anyone out there that would like to help with that.

 Just leave me a comment here, or on facebook if you want to help bless these women and I will keep you regularly updated on what we need and how many kits we have stuff for. Then on Friday, February 25th at 10am I'm going to have a kit assembly party at our house where we will package everything up and mail it out. Hope to see you there!!!


  1. Wow! this is awesome Amy!! It's so great and encouraging to see people doing for others. ;) I'm going to talk to my mother in law and see if she would want to come with me to this. I'll let you know soon! xoxo

  2. Best of luck with your assembly party! That's such a great idea! This was my first project with Craft Hope and I was only able to put together one bag, but I look forward to helping with more projects in the future. :o)

  3. I serve on th board of Konbit Sante and want to extend my sincere thanks for your interest in our safe birthing project. I hope that you will go to to learn more about our work in Haiti.




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