Monday, June 28

Comfy Visor

With the days warming up we are spending more and more time outside which means we are also spending more time in the sun. We slather on the sunscreen when we go out but nothing beats the protection of shade. I try to keep hats on the kids, so I thought having Scarlett make her own visor would be a fun project to do together.

We picked up a pink foam visor from the craft store for $1 and some self adhesive foam animals for around $3 for about 50 of them. They also carry a wide variety of foam letters, shapes and animals in a bunch of different colors so you can personalize this any way you like. We choose a pack of animals that contained monkeys, frog, cats and dogs which just so happens to be her favorite animals.

I let her select the animal that she wanted to put on, then I pulled the back off to expose the sticky side and let her place it on the visor where she wanted.

She was very meticulous in her choices and layed them all out in front of her to get a good look at her options.

It was a total hit and she loves wearing it. With the stretchy band holding it on and the foam being so light weight, it is really comfortable to wear.

Modeling her new visor while she does a little coloring outside.

Thursday, June 24

Watercolor Silhouette

I adapted this project from one that I had seen on a great blog that I read called Prudent Baby . We made a few changes though, instead of using watercolor paints we used watercolor pencils which gave it a bit of a different effect then the way hers turned out. I am really happy with the results and my sister had a fun time doing it with us.

All you need are watercolor pencils, some paper, and an image that you want to use for your silhouette.

Once you have your image selected, cut it out and trace around it onto your paper.
You then color in all the area surrounding your silhouette with what ever colors you like. My sis chose to do one in blues and another in purples. It is best to cover the paper in at least 3 different shades of the color of your choosing and then blend them all together, careful not to get color inside of your silhouette.
Once it is all blended you just have to wait for it to dry and you are done.
"Horse on the go" in blues.


Friday, June 18

Fathers Day Wrapping Paper

I love personalizing anything I can, so for Fathers day Scarlett helped me "design" wrapping paper for for her daddy's gift.
All you need is butcher paper (or any kind of paper that would fit around the gift you will be wrapping) and crayons (or markers if you dare).

I wrapped our gift 1st so that I knew the artwork would be showing and then let her color as long as she wanted on the paper.

It turned out so colorful and every daddy will love that it was created by his own little ones.

Enjoy celebrating the Dad in your life this weekend.

Wednesday, June 9

From winter to summer

With the days and nights heating up we have been turning to onsies as sleepwear because all the PJs that we had were long sleeved and pants. I didn't want to go out and buy all new jammies when we had plenty that fit, so I took the ones we had and shortened the sleeves and made the pants into shorts. Now we are ready for summer!
♥Winter PJs♥
All I did was cut the sleeves and legs off to the length that I wanted them and hemmed them under. It was a great nap time project, I was able to alter 6 pair in an hour.
♥Now summer PJs♥
I also like the fact that I was able to make the shorts a little on the longer side, they tend to make girls shorts too short in my opinion.
♥Relaxing in her "new" PJs before bed♥

Wednesday, June 2

Thumb print art

This is such a fun project to do with kids of any age, just let their imaginations run wild. All you need is paper, a stamp pad, pens or crayons and hands.
One of my fabulous friends came over with her kids and we did this one together. We started out by helping the kids stamp their thumb prints on the paper. It was handy to have a wet paper towel at the table with us too to clean off inky fingers.

Then we let the older kids create their own works of art.
Some even went a little crazy with the ink pads.
They came up with such beautiful ideas, creating flowers and bugs and little people.

It's awesome to see what child's mind can come up with. The pictures would make beautiful cards (perhaps for Fathers Day?) or simply works of art for the fridge.
♥the kids had a blast♥
And for the little ones you can use their little thumb prints and create your own pictures. Get creative!


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