Wednesday, June 9

From winter to summer

With the days and nights heating up we have been turning to onsies as sleepwear because all the PJs that we had were long sleeved and pants. I didn't want to go out and buy all new jammies when we had plenty that fit, so I took the ones we had and shortened the sleeves and made the pants into shorts. Now we are ready for summer!
♥Winter PJs♥
All I did was cut the sleeves and legs off to the length that I wanted them and hemmed them under. It was a great nap time project, I was able to alter 6 pair in an hour.
♥Now summer PJs♥
I also like the fact that I was able to make the shorts a little on the longer side, they tend to make girls shorts too short in my opinion.
♥Relaxing in her "new" PJs before bed♥


  1. I'm going to drop off all Peytons winter PJs so you can make them summer ones ;)

  2. Now if only I had any winter ones that fit! LOL
    Those are so cute. And I totally agree about the shorts being TOO short. Drives me CRAZY!!!



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