Wednesday, June 2

Thumb print art

This is such a fun project to do with kids of any age, just let their imaginations run wild. All you need is paper, a stamp pad, pens or crayons and hands.
One of my fabulous friends came over with her kids and we did this one together. We started out by helping the kids stamp their thumb prints on the paper. It was handy to have a wet paper towel at the table with us too to clean off inky fingers.

Then we let the older kids create their own works of art.
Some even went a little crazy with the ink pads.
They came up with such beautiful ideas, creating flowers and bugs and little people.

It's awesome to see what child's mind can come up with. The pictures would make beautiful cards (perhaps for Fathers Day?) or simply works of art for the fridge.
♥the kids had a blast♥
And for the little ones you can use their little thumb prints and create your own pictures. Get creative!

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