Monday, January 30

Veggie Tales crafting

The kids have had a cold for the past week and since we were trying to be nice and not pass it on to other kids I stayed home from church with them while James went. I didn't want them to miss out so we had Sunday school at home this week.
 They absolutely love Veggie Tales so for our craft I pulled out some construction paper and cut out all the parts to make our very own Bob the tomato and Larry the Cucumber.
 When all the pieces were ready I had them join me at the table and let the kids assemble their Veggie friends. I added a bit of glue to the back of each piece one at a time as they assembled them until they were complete.
 Scarlett was really excited about putting them together, carefully placing each piece in just the right spot.
 Then we added large popsicle sticks to the backs with a little tape so we could use them as puppets.
 Can you tell which Larry Taylor put together? Hehe! I may have helped him a little with his Bob, his attention span isn't quite as long as his sisters.
 After they played with them for a bit we sat down and read a story from our Veggie Tales bible together and used our new puppets to help tell the story.
 After our bible story I gave Scarlett a haircut then put them in their bathing suits and we went out back for some pool time. It's been in the 70s and 80s this past week so we took advantage of the nice day and spent time outside. I filled the pool with warm water from the kitchen so they were super comfortable in the water and I sat back and watched them play while I started reading The Hunger Games.
 I must have completely worn them out because once lunch time came, we went inside and ate and then they both took the longest naps they have taken in a while. Long naps equalled some nice quiet time for mommy and daddy, yay!

Thursday, January 26

Potato Stamping

I pulled a page from my childhood this week and did potato stamping with the kids. They loved it even more then I expected and really got creative with it. I gave them both a very large piece of paper so they had plenty of surface to work with and let them do their own thing.
 I cut the potatoes into a heart, diamond and star and before we even got started Taylor took a nibble out of the heart, yummy!
 I put 3 plates filled with paint in the middle of the table for them to share and they picked their favorites.
 I knew they were bound to get paint of themselves so I put them in their painting clothes before we started so I wouldn't have to worry about messes. Taylor was very careful with his painting, I love to see him taking an interest in projects.

 Scarlett started getting tricky with her potatoes stamping two at a time.

 When they were finished we hung them to display for when daddy got home and they were proud to show them off.

Tuesday, January 17

Chocolate Coffee Table

Several months ago some lovely friends of ours moved out of state and we were lucky enough to inherit a large table they didn't want to take with them.
 The table had a lot of wear to the original finish but the structure was in really great shape. I moved it into the house and it became our coffee table. The kids love to do play-doh and crafts at it and it's the perfect size for them to sit at.
 I knew I didn't want to leave it in the condition it was in but had to wait for a good weekend to tackle the project I had in mind. A while back I ran across this wonderful blog and loved what she does with furniture and wanted to do something similar to some of her projects. First I had to sand down all the old finish and clean the table top really well. Once the surface was ready I was ready to paint! I picked out an image I liked from the graphics fairy (very cool site), projected it onto the table top and got to painting. It took a lot longer then I anticipated and I got many a neck cramp but it was totally worth it in my opinion.
 When the paint dried I applied several coats of a polyurethane to protect it and it turned out just like I imagined it. It's easy to wipe up now that it is refinished and is so much prettier to look at.
 I may have something else in store for it but for now it is finished and that makes me happy. Another project in the bank, yay!

Thursday, January 12

Let's Jam

I have added a new necktie to my shop the Let's Jam- Little Man Necktie. Isn't my nephew Eli such a handsome little model? Stop by and check it out!

Monday, January 9

Grandparents pillow

Thought I would share another one of our homemade Christmas gifts the kids and I put together. This one was for my mother in law and father in law and I love anything I can do to incorporate the kids into projects. I took a plain off-white piece of material and cut it into the shape I wanted our pillow to be. Then I traced the kids hands onto the pillow, they loved that part. Once I was finished with their hands I waited until nap time and got to painting. I painted the hands to look like they were stitched on and the rest of it in solid writing with fabric paint. I waited for it to dry overnight then sewed the pillow together, stuffing it full of batting and we had ourselves a pillow.
 I chose a gardening fabric for the back since my mother in law loves to garden.
 Once again my wonderful husband remembered to snap a pic of his mom opening their gift, such a good man.

Thursday, January 5

We are on Facebook!

Come join our community on Facebook and get the latest updates, coupon codes for my Etsy shop, share photos and stay connected. Click here to join in!

Tuesday, January 3

Scarlett's Castle

I was walking around our new Hobby Lobby, which I am crazy about, and spotted this adorable sign. I didn't pick it up that night but it kept calling to me so I went back the next day and got it, it was just too sweet to pass up and the colors go perfectly with Scarlett's room.
After I hung it on the wall I was looking at it and the wall under it was just screaming for me to paint a pink castle on it.  I pushed my other projects aside, got out my tools and started painting. Scarlett kept me company while I painted and oohed and aahed as the castle took shape. 
 Now when you look down the hall to her room the first thing you see is Scarlett's castle and I think it's very fitting for all the princess dress up that takes place in there.
Welcome, won't you come and play dress up with me?


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