Tuesday, January 17

Chocolate Coffee Table

Several months ago some lovely friends of ours moved out of state and we were lucky enough to inherit a large table they didn't want to take with them.
 The table had a lot of wear to the original finish but the structure was in really great shape. I moved it into the house and it became our coffee table. The kids love to do play-doh and crafts at it and it's the perfect size for them to sit at.
 I knew I didn't want to leave it in the condition it was in but had to wait for a good weekend to tackle the project I had in mind. A while back I ran across this wonderful blog and loved what she does with furniture and wanted to do something similar to some of her projects. First I had to sand down all the old finish and clean the table top really well. Once the surface was ready I was ready to paint! I picked out an image I liked from the graphics fairy (very cool site), projected it onto the table top and got to painting. It took a lot longer then I anticipated and I got many a neck cramp but it was totally worth it in my opinion.
 When the paint dried I applied several coats of a polyurethane to protect it and it turned out just like I imagined it. It's easy to wipe up now that it is refinished and is so much prettier to look at.
 I may have something else in store for it but for now it is finished and that makes me happy. Another project in the bank, yay!

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