Thursday, January 26

Potato Stamping

I pulled a page from my childhood this week and did potato stamping with the kids. They loved it even more then I expected and really got creative with it. I gave them both a very large piece of paper so they had plenty of surface to work with and let them do their own thing.
 I cut the potatoes into a heart, diamond and star and before we even got started Taylor took a nibble out of the heart, yummy!
 I put 3 plates filled with paint in the middle of the table for them to share and they picked their favorites.
 I knew they were bound to get paint of themselves so I put them in their painting clothes before we started so I wouldn't have to worry about messes. Taylor was very careful with his painting, I love to see him taking an interest in projects.

 Scarlett started getting tricky with her potatoes stamping two at a time.

 When they were finished we hung them to display for when daddy got home and they were proud to show them off.

1 comment:

  1. Looks like they've had a blast! My kiddos would love to play with potatoes. :)



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