Wednesday, August 31

Record Cake Stand

What is a party without cake? And every cake needs a fabulous stand to sit on. I wanted something fitting for the rock star baby shower and what could be more fitting than a record cake stand?!
 My mom combed the local thrift store for old records and candle stick holders and found a great selection for dirt cheap. She brought them home, gave them a good cleaning and glued them to the candlestick holders.
 They turned out even cuter then I imagined in my head and we each kept one for future parties.
 We had the red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes ,which was killer good, along with their little sample cakes and some lemon cakes from Costco. Everything was delicious!!

I found this great rock star award at Party City and we used that as our cake topper and now it is decor in baby Eli's nursery.
We also used records to decorate the table tops, then my sister took them all home and has hung them as the border in Eli's room. I will have to get pictures of his nursery next time I visit to share.

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Tuesday, August 30

Car Seat Canopy and Strap Covers

I wanted to make a car seat canopy and strap covers for my sister and thanks, once again, to the world of blogging and pinterest I was able to find two really great tutorials. One day we had been wandering around Joann's and my sister spotted this super fun mushroom fabric, I knew I would have to go back and pick it up for this project.
I followed this tutorial for the car seat canopy. It was crazy easy to make and fits the car seat just perfect. I used the mushroom fabric for the top and did a bright orange for the underside and straps for the handles.
 It looks kind of salmony here but trust me it's orange.
For the strap covers I used the same mushroom print and went with brown bias tape. I went with this tutorial for making the strap covers and once again it was a great tutorial. I love the color they add to the seat!
Scarlett of course had to test everything out before we gave it to her auntie. 
 In case you can't tell, that's Dory from Finding Nemo strapped into the car seat and I guess she teething because Scarlett made sure she had her teething ring in the seat with her along with her sippy cup.

Monday, August 29

Eli's Hat

Scarlett spotted these pears in the fridge and says, "those aren't suppose to go on the apples, those are baby Eli's hats!" Apparently our pears are wearing beanies, that's pretty cool!

Friday, August 26

Decorative Clothespins

For one of the shower games we hung a clothesline above the food table and once everyone finished eating we had them close their eyes, we removed the clothesline, took it in the other room, then had everyone write down as many things as they could remember from the clothesline. Whoever remembered the most was the winner! We used clothespins to hang the clothes, so to make them a little more decorative I spruced them up with a little zebra paper. I have done this before for the kids birthday parties so that they had fun clothes pins for a clothes pin drop game and to hang pictures of Scarlett from twine in the living room.
If you want to make your own all you will need are clothes pins, decorative paper and Mod Podge.
Take your bare clothespins and trace around one so you have a template for the size you need to cut your paper out. Cut the paper into strips and then to size so they fit on your clothes pin.
Paint some Mod Podge onto the side of your clothespin, press your paper into place, let it dry a few minutes then go over the top with another layer of Mod Podge to seal your paper on. Once they are completely dry they are ready for use! You can use them for a party or everyday use. My mom was excited to use them after the party as her new chip clips.
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Wednesday, August 24

Rock Star Baby Shower

My sister is pregnant with her 1st baby and little Eli is due soon so it was shower time!! Her hubby plays the drums and the two of them love music so we did a rock star baby shower. We started the day out covering my sisters arm with sheets of temporary tattoos so she could dress the part of rock star mom.
Decorating for the shower was a blast and I have a ton of projects to share in future posts.
I found these awesome rock and roll rubber ducks at Oriental Trading Company that were perfect for tucking around the room and will be fun for baby bath time once Eli is bathing in the big tubby.
My mom picked up a bunch of old records at the thrift store that were awesome decorations and a great deal.
The biggest hit of the shower was the temporary tattoo station. We threw out tons of rock tattoos and a little bowl with a sponge and it was like watching a bunch of Jr High girls get excited. Everyone sported one including our grandma, what a trooper.
My mom and sister put together a watermelon baby buggy filled with mouth watering fruits and a little egg as the baby, it was adorable!
My sister had a wonderful time and was blessed with a ton of fantastic gifts and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Now it's time for baby Eli to join the party!
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