Wednesday, August 17

Wagon Planter

I love the color red and love seeing every day items used in the garden in new ways. I have always wanted a little red wagon to use as a planter and was beyond excited when I found one at a garage sale for $3!
 This gem had definitely been sitting in the yard for a while, with it's rust, broken wood panels and a black widow living in the handle. I'm sure it was over looked by many people that had passed by that day but as soon as I spotted it I was trying to figure out how we were going to get it back to the house. My little sister was such a good sport, letting the wagon rest on her lap in the car while we finished up our day, knowing how excited I was about it. 
 When I got it home I used a nail and hammer to make some drainage holes in the bottom because I don't have a drill strong enough to do it. Then I wheeled it into my front flower bed, added potting soil and a variety of plants, gave them a good drink and stepped back and smiled. I love the color and height it adds to the front of our house and can't wait until the flowers fill in and spill over the sides.
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