Wednesday, August 24

Rock Star Baby Shower

My sister is pregnant with her 1st baby and little Eli is due soon so it was shower time!! Her hubby plays the drums and the two of them love music so we did a rock star baby shower. We started the day out covering my sisters arm with sheets of temporary tattoos so she could dress the part of rock star mom.
Decorating for the shower was a blast and I have a ton of projects to share in future posts.
I found these awesome rock and roll rubber ducks at Oriental Trading Company that were perfect for tucking around the room and will be fun for baby bath time once Eli is bathing in the big tubby.
My mom picked up a bunch of old records at the thrift store that were awesome decorations and a great deal.
The biggest hit of the shower was the temporary tattoo station. We threw out tons of rock tattoos and a little bowl with a sponge and it was like watching a bunch of Jr High girls get excited. Everyone sported one including our grandma, what a trooper.
My mom and sister put together a watermelon baby buggy filled with mouth watering fruits and a little egg as the baby, it was adorable!
My sister had a wonderful time and was blessed with a ton of fantastic gifts and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. Now it's time for baby Eli to join the party!
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  1. What a fun & cute baby shower!!!

  2. I like your style Chica!
    You've made a follower out of me!
    Rikka J.
    Ricochet and Away!

  3. Very fun & creative! Lots of cute little details!

    I have a link party going on now, called Show & Share. I'd love to have you link this up!

  4. Such cute rock star baby shower. I had an awesome time watching these pictures. The idea of watermelon baby buggy filled with fruits and a little cake. That’s really stunning and I will give this idea to my sister who is planning a baby shower at one of the New York venues for her best friend.



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