Tuesday, August 23

Organizing: Button Jars

 I have been on a major cleaning and organizing kick. I have never been good at organizing but I'm doing my best to change that. I spotted jars with covered lids on Pinterest and loved the idea so I used that idea to organize my buttons. I have a lot of buttons, in tons of colors and wanted to keep them separated. I gathered jars from my cupboard (I save all glass jars, from baby food jars to pasta sauce jars), found a cute piece of fabric I had on hand, some matching ribbon and some labels I had left over from an old project and got to work.
I started by cutting the fabric in rectangles, cutting about an inch wider than the lids all the way around. Then I covered the top of the jar lids with Mod Podge, pressed the fabric into place, coated the top of the fabric with another coat of Mod Podge, making sure it was nice and smooth and set them aside to dry.
Once the Mod Podge dried I cut the fabric in a circle all the way around the lid, leaving plenty of fabric to tuck over the edge, then snipped the fabric all the way around so that it would lay smooth. I worked my way around the lid with Mod Podge, smoothing each section down, until the lid was totally covered on the outside. I sat them aside to dry and moved onto my labels.
 I had some old tags in different sizes that were just perfect for this project. I made a slice on each side of my tags, then gently ran the ribbon through.
 Once my ribbon was through all my tags, I tied them to my jars.
 You could glue them flat to the back but I wanted them to be a little fancy so I tied them in bows.
 At this point my lids were dry so I popped them back on.
 Then I wrote what color buttons were in each jar and stacked them up on my sewing table. I love the look of them all color coordinated and I'm feeling more organized already!
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  1. sooooo cute i love it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. These are so cute! Great idea for a craft room! Thanks for linking up : )



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