Wednesday, August 3

Garden Volunteers

Now that the weather has heated up our backyard is like a greenhouse. I have been watering like crazy and the plants are thriving this year. Last year most of our veggies were demolished by fungi and insects but we seem to be doing OK this year.
 We have pumpkins sprouting up, along with a wild amount of brussel sprouts, tomatoes and carrots.
Scarlett is a wonderful helper in the garden and I take her with me whenever I go pick out new seeds to plant. She planted these zinnias and sunflowers from seed and was ecstatic to go out one morning and find that the sunflowers had opened. It is giving her such a sense of pride knowing she took part in it. 
 Behind her you can see our herb bed with chives, 2 types of basil, oregano, stevia, tarragon, mint and strawberries growing in the middle. Some of the plants are getting so big it's about time to start freezing them for the rest of the year. If you live close by and want any fresh herbs let me know, I would be happy to share!
 Scarlett loves going out back every evening and searching for red strawberries.
 Our flame grapes are starting to turn from green to purple and I can't wait to try one!
 So here is our garden mystery-We dumped our compost pile along the back wall in the winter and some volunteer plants have come up. They get water from the run off coming from our orange trees and are some of the happiest plants in the garden. I am new to this whole veggie garden thing and have no idea what it is we are growing but have just let it do it's thing. Does anyone out there recognize what this is? Above is a picture of it's leaves and below is a picture of it's flower. It's kind of fun that it is mysterious but I'm starting to get curious.

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