Friday, August 12

Pancake Art

We have pancakes for breakfast a few times a week here and the kids love when I get creative with them. I have always stuck with your basic shapes, not even knowing there was a world of fantastic pancake artists out there. I was especially impressed by these of the Cheshire Cat and the Cat in the Hat, they are so beautiful I don't know how you could eat them!
Cheshire Cat and Cat in the Hat
 Then while I was looking for pancake inspiration I ran across this toilet that I wouldn't want to eat but for a whole other reason. Very creative though!

Heart shaped pancakes
And these caterpillars seem very doable, I love their little faces!
Pancake Caterpillar
  So with my new found ideas I made James a special plate of pancakes that he gobbled up, some snakes for the kids along with their initials and experimented with some new shapes.
I don't have any fancy pancake tools but the kids still liked my attempt at a Mickey head, a flower and a star. Maybe one of these days I will pick up a few tools to make our pancakes a little wilder but for now these will do.

1 comment:

  1. LOVE those pancakes! Well...except for the toilet pancakes! HOWEVER... most boys would love THOSE pancakes the most! :)

    What a cute post! Smiles, Lynn



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