Friday, September 30

Lumberjack Day

I came across Lumberjack day a few years back and have been wanting to throw a lumberjack party ever since. This year it fell on a Monday so the kids and I invited a group of our friends over for a big pancake and bacon feast.
 I made the pancake and everyone else brought the toppings. I made buttermilk and pumpkin pecan pancakes and we had strawberries, blackberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and syrup to top them off.
 Everyone got into the spirit and tried their hardest to dress in plaid. One of the moms even told some lumberjack jokes!
 We even had a one year old with a bead and sideburns, it was awesome!
 The kids loved all the food and us mommas chatted it up while the kids played. Then the girls had enough lumberjack business and were ready to be princesses. They had costume changes and tried on different accessories to go along with their dresses, it was adorable!
 It was an absolute blast and this will most definitely be an annual event. Maybe next year we can have an ax throwing contest or do some log lifting after we fill our bellies.

Tuesday, September 27

Baby Eli's Room

So I finally made it over to my sisters house and got to see all she has been doing in Eli's room to prepare for his arrival. I love that she hung records on the wall as the border, she just used a push pin in the center of each to tack them in place. She also added some musical note decals that are easy to remove since they are renters, such a smart gal!
 His closet is organized and all the clothes are washed. She hung the paintings I did on the wall by the closet which add a little pop of color.
 And on his book shelf are a few special tokens from her baby shower that she can share with him when he gets older.
 Now the car seat sits, waiting for little Eli to finally arrive. My sis is one week past her due date today and we are all getting pretty excited about his arrival, not much longer now for sure!!

Wednesday, September 21

Tutu Table

I came across this adorable table on Pinterest and knew I wanted to make one for Scarlett's room.

I took the original idea and made the colors work for Scarlett's room. I just love the way it turned out and so does Scarlett. She was ready to jump out of her skin watching me make it and couldn't wait to put it in her room.
I had an old round table in our room that I used that didn't really match the style in there so it was perfect for this transformation. 
I painted the top white while the kids were napping then waited for it to dry.
 While the paint was drying I sewed a skirt from some pink and white striped fabric that I had on hand. Then I glued it to the underside of the tabletop, leaving room for my tulle layer which came next.
 I gathered the top of my sparkly pink tulle so that it fit around the underside of the tabletop and then glued it in place. I had to be extra careful using the hot glue gun with the tulle since it is full of holes, I only burned myself a few times. Once that was all finished I flipped it over and glued on the zebra ribbon trim and tied a big bow to top it off.
 With it all finished Scarlett and I walked it to her room and placed it right next to her bed. It matched the boarder and her bed just perfectly and gives her a place to hold some of her favorite books to look at before bed time.
 My proud girl with her new table. Their excitement sure makes it fun to make them things.
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