Monday, September 19

Resized Golf Shirt

This isn't much of a tutorial but I wanted to share anyhow. Every year my hubby's work holds a golf tournament and I go along and keep him company for the day. They have golf shirts made every year and this year for some reason all of the shirts were really big. I wasn't keen on wearing a shirt that looked like a nightgown on me so I resized mine and now I love it. My shirt was originally the same size as James', which you can see below, with super long sleeves and came all the way down to my knees.
 I used a shirt that I like the fit of as my guide, traced around it on top of the golf shirt, cut off the excess fabric from the sides and bottom and cut off the sleeves. I then pinned the sides together, leaving an opening for the arm holes and sewed the sides together. I then hemmed the bottom up and the arm holes and was done! It took like 15 minutes to do and I really like the fit of it.
(Here's an awesome picture of me with it on, haha!)
You don't always have to be satisfied with what you are given, sometimes you just have to make it work for you.

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