Friday, September 30

Lumberjack Day

I came across Lumberjack day a few years back and have been wanting to throw a lumberjack party ever since. This year it fell on a Monday so the kids and I invited a group of our friends over for a big pancake and bacon feast.
 I made the pancake and everyone else brought the toppings. I made buttermilk and pumpkin pecan pancakes and we had strawberries, blackberries, whipped cream, chocolate chips, and syrup to top them off.
 Everyone got into the spirit and tried their hardest to dress in plaid. One of the moms even told some lumberjack jokes!
 We even had a one year old with a bead and sideburns, it was awesome!
 The kids loved all the food and us mommas chatted it up while the kids played. Then the girls had enough lumberjack business and were ready to be princesses. They had costume changes and tried on different accessories to go along with their dresses, it was adorable!
 It was an absolute blast and this will most definitely be an annual event. Maybe next year we can have an ax throwing contest or do some log lifting after we fill our bellies.

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