Wednesday, October 5

Shrinky Dinks

Did you play with Shrinky Dinks when you were younger? My sister and I totally did and I hadn't thought about them in years until I won a Shrinky Dinks set on a blog giveaway. I was SO excited the day it arrived and couldn't wait to get everything out and start coloring. My mom and sister were coming up so I pulled everything out when they were here and we all colored together, it was so much fun! The kit I received was a monster lab full of silly monsters and googly eyes and we were able to get pretty creative with building our monsters. Scarlett had fun playing with everything and did a great job coloring them.
 Now that I remember how much fun they are I want to get some of their other kits like the fairy garden. Watching them shrink was just a magical as when I was a kid, we couldn't take our eyes off the little guys in the oven. It was fun reliving something from my childhood while passing it on to my kids.
If you haven't done Shrinky Dinks since you were a kid, I suggest going out and getting some, there's something so exciting about watching plastic shrink!

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