Thursday, December 29

Grandkids Photo Hanger

I was searching for what to make for the Grandparents this year for Christmas and came across an idea on Pinterest that I liked and tweaked a bit. They are photo hangers and came together nicely. I cut a board down to the size I wanted, sanded it, painted it, and added hangers to the back. Once the front was dry, I painted clothespins and glued them to the front to clip photos to.
I didn't end up getting a picture of my grandma with hers (it was crazy during present time this year!) but James snapped a few of his awesome grandparents opening theirs.

Happy faces! So glad they liked it!

Thursday, December 22

First person

Scarlett's very first recognizable drawing of a person. I love the legs sprouting from the head and the little bird toes, it's so sweet. I love these beginning stages of art and the creative things they come up with, this is such a precious time.

Monday, December 12

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

Well we have officially wrapped up our last craft fair of the year. We decided to throw in one last event last weekend and it was a total bust as far as sales go but we are ending this year having learned a ton. We are really excited to tackle the new year and have tons of new items in the works as well as different sales we want to be a part of. It has been such a blast doing this with my sister and great to have someone to bounce ideas off.

Now on to an awesome recipe! I came across this recipe completely by accident and we tried it out that morning. It is so amazing that it will now be what I am serving Christmas morning. It definitely isn't a healthy pancake but a great one for occasional special mornings.
Here's the link to the original recipe over at Recipe girl. We didn't do the frosting for the tops, they really didn't need it, they don't need anything extra at all they are great on their own.  
My critics gave them 2 thumbs up and James even used them as a snack on a long ride later that weekend and said they were even good cold.

Tuesday, December 6

Footprint Reindeer

Pinned Image

A few months back I came across this picture on Pinterest and knew I wanted to do it with my kids once Christmas time rolled around. Today we were talking about what we wanted to do as a project and this came to mind.

 The kids get super excited whenever I pull the paints out and they ran straight to the table to get started.
 I pulled out a few small canvases that I already had on hand and while Scarlett sized her feet up I got the paint ready to brush onto their little feet.
 Once I had their prints on the canvases, I cleaned their feet up and painted the details of the reindeer on as well as each of the kids names.
 I made sure Scarlett's looks like a girl reindeer....
 and Taylor's looks like a boy. These will be so fun to pull out each year and watch as the kids feet grow.

Friday, December 2


I have been cutting, sewing and gluing as I countdown the days to the craft fair tomorrow.
 I have added a ton more vintage button bobby pins.
 And some new styles of hair clips that I am excited about!
 And as soon as I am done tomorrow I can truly focus on the countdown to something even better, Christmas!! We made our Christmas countdown chain the day after Thanksgiving and Scarlett has made sure to tear one off every day.
 I just love this time of year! We have been playing Christmas music non stop around here and add more decorations to our home each day.
 Scarlett has made her Christmas list which includes several cars from Cars, princess movies and a purple motorcycle, she kills me!!
 The kids have loved going driving to look at lights and we even went to Old Town to say hi to Santa. This holiday season has been so much fun and it's just getting started! I can't wait for all we have in store for this month.

Wednesday, November 30

Glitter Shoes

Apparently I have been into shoe makeovers this past week cause here's another one. We got another pair of hand me down shoes that were once black glittered shoes. Most of the glitter had worn off the toes but Scarlett still loved them because of their sparkle. To make the worthy of wearing with her Thanksgiving outfit I thought I would try to re glitter them myself. I didn't have any black glitter on hand but I did have silver which I thought would work just fine so I got my supplies together and got to work.
I first stuffed the shoes with newspaper so they would get filled with glitter. Then I covered the entire area that I wanted to glitter with a good coat of fabric glue, placed the shoes in a pie pan to catch the glitter, shook my silver glitter on, patted it in with my fingers and set them aside to dry.
 Once the glue was dry I sprayed them like crazy with hair spray and hoped they would hold up through a whole day of playing on Thanksgiving.
 Scarlett was beyond excited to put her new sparkle shoes on and was ready to show them off.
 After a day of running around playing (and many days after that) they still look great. A bit of the glitter has started to wear but I am super happy with the way they have held up.
And as always that smile makes all these projects that much more fun!

Monday, November 28

Holiday Village

Sassy Scarlett will be in historic downtown Murrieta this coming Saturday, December 3 on C Street and Washington Ave. We will be there from 10am to 6pm with our Sassy Scarlett booth selling all kinds of great hair accessories and adorable crochet beanies. My sister is the creative hands behind all the cute beanies that we will have for sale and my mom will be there along with us. Come out and get a little Christmas shopping done and show us some love, we love to see friendly faces. Then stick around for the holiday push cart parade that starts at 5pm on Washington Ave, Scarlett and Taylor will be there! Hope to see you Saturday!!

Saturday, November 26

Versatile Blogger Award

I was super excited to find that I received my first blog award this week, The Versatile Blogger, from Creative Raisins. Make sure to stop by her blog and check out all the colorful and creative things she has been working on.
Okay so here is the deal, there are 3 rules when you accept this award:
(1) Thank the person who gave you this award and make sure to link back to their blog
(2) Share 7 things about yourself
(3) Pass this award onto 7 recently discovered blogs

7 Things About Me:
1. My favorite movie is Princess Bride.
2. I have know my husband since I was 5 and he was my first crush. 
3. If I could I would have a whole farms worth of animals. 
4. I love waking up early
5. I love cheesy B movies
6. I was a vegetarian for 8 years and am still a little weird about meat eating.
7. I love Boggle and Yahtzee
I'm passing this award on to:

Monday, November 21

Princess Shoes

 I was recently given a bag of hand me downs that included these little blue shoes. They had a little wear and tear but were in good shape for the most part but they lacked flair. I had a paint pen left over from another project and decided to see how it worked on the shoes. Scarlett helped me decide what to put on them, princess crowns of course, and I got to work.
 They were so easy to do with the paint pen and we LOVE them!! I just wish I had more pairs of shoes to color on!
 And just so the back wouldn't feel naked I added little hearts to the heels.
 She was very excited to model her new kicks and threw them right on.
 Take my picture Mom!


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