Tuesday, April 24

Opening Day Celebration

It was opening day for the Padres and since we couldn't be at the game we brought the fun to us.
 I wasn't about to spend $20 a pop for shirts for each of us so I freezer paper stenciled shirts instead. I picked the shirts up at Walmart and didn't spend over $3.50 for any of them. Then I just added a Padres logo to each of them and now we all have matching shirts.
 We got out our baseball gloves and some tennis balls (cause I didn't want them throwing baseballs in the house) and played a little catch.

For dinner we had ballpark food and munched on hot dogs and sweet potato fries with Cracker Jacks for dessert. That was the first time I have ever bought hot dogs, it was an overwhelming experience, I had no idea there were so many options, I had to call James to help me out!
 The kids had a blast and we will definitely be carrying on this tradition.

Friday, April 13

Tile Makeover

I have never liked the tile by our front door and around the fireplace. It's hard to tell in this picture but they are a horrible salmony color and clashed with all the colors of our house. We talk about replacing all the flooring with wood floors some day but let's be honest, that's not happening any time soon. Since I didn't want to look at the tile anymore I decided to look for an inexpensive solution to my problem. I checked out the laminate tile at Home Depot and went with a dark pattern that had our homes colors mixed in it. At $.99 each and the areas being so small the whole project cost about $25 and I'm so much happier with the way it looks! 
Entryway Before
Entryway After
Fireplace Before (well kind of, I started before remembering to take a before picture)
Fireplace After

The laminate tiles are so easy to apply and since they are so inexpensive I wont feel bad tearing them out some day when I finally get wood floors, hehe! Now onto my next project!

Thursday, April 12

Closing Shop

As my kids continue to grow, the pace of life seems to be speeding up. More activities are added to our schedule and I want to be out there exploring with them all the things this world has to offer while they still want me by their sides. Because of this, I am finding that some things have to be put on hold for now and one of those things is my Etsy shop. I have enjoyed making things for people and interacting with people from all over but I just don't have the time to care for my shop like it needs. I will still be doing vendor fairs and am always happy to make custom orders, just contact me through Facebook. Thank you everyone for your support over the years!
♥ Amy

Tuesday, April 3

Cuties Box Baby Bed

Every night Scarlett goes to bed with her best bud toys, Sophie, Little Giraffe and Lambie. She tucks them in bed with her and puts their little heads on one of her pillows so they are comfy too. I came across the idea to turn a Cuties box into a baby bed in Family Fun magazine and pulled the page out to make later for her little guys. I was super excited the next night while I was having dinner at a friends house and saw a Cuties box in her trash. I asked her if I could have it, told her what I was going to do with it so she didn't think I was just a nasty trash digger, and got to work on it the next night at home.
 I just made up what I was doing as I went along, tucking and gluing like wrapping a present. I used hot glue and fleece I had in my stash to cover the cardboard which worked great because you don't end up with any frayed ends. Scarlett assisted me and was so excited watching it come together. I also made two little pillows by cutting a long rectangle of fleece, folding it in half, stuffing it with batting and sealing it shut with hot glue and two little blankets by cutting rectangles of fleece the size of the box (easiest blanket ever!).
 Once we finished the bed up we took it in her room and put her guys to bed.
 I made this for her about a month ago and she still sleeps with it every night, tucking her buddies in when she goes to sleep, she loves it.
And the little bed is great for when we travel. Sophie, Little Giraffe and Lambie ride in their bed on Scarlett's lap in the car on the way to our destination and then they have there own bed for sleepovers right next to a sleeping Scarlett of course.


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