Monday, December 12

Cinnamon Swirl Pancakes

Well we have officially wrapped up our last craft fair of the year. We decided to throw in one last event last weekend and it was a total bust as far as sales go but we are ending this year having learned a ton. We are really excited to tackle the new year and have tons of new items in the works as well as different sales we want to be a part of. It has been such a blast doing this with my sister and great to have someone to bounce ideas off.

Now on to an awesome recipe! I came across this recipe completely by accident and we tried it out that morning. It is so amazing that it will now be what I am serving Christmas morning. It definitely isn't a healthy pancake but a great one for occasional special mornings.
Here's the link to the original recipe over at Recipe girl. We didn't do the frosting for the tops, they really didn't need it, they don't need anything extra at all they are great on their own.  
My critics gave them 2 thumbs up and James even used them as a snack on a long ride later that weekend and said they were even good cold.

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