Wednesday, November 30

Glitter Shoes

Apparently I have been into shoe makeovers this past week cause here's another one. We got another pair of hand me down shoes that were once black glittered shoes. Most of the glitter had worn off the toes but Scarlett still loved them because of their sparkle. To make the worthy of wearing with her Thanksgiving outfit I thought I would try to re glitter them myself. I didn't have any black glitter on hand but I did have silver which I thought would work just fine so I got my supplies together and got to work.
I first stuffed the shoes with newspaper so they would get filled with glitter. Then I covered the entire area that I wanted to glitter with a good coat of fabric glue, placed the shoes in a pie pan to catch the glitter, shook my silver glitter on, patted it in with my fingers and set them aside to dry.
 Once the glue was dry I sprayed them like crazy with hair spray and hoped they would hold up through a whole day of playing on Thanksgiving.
 Scarlett was beyond excited to put her new sparkle shoes on and was ready to show them off.
 After a day of running around playing (and many days after that) they still look great. A bit of the glitter has started to wear but I am super happy with the way they have held up.
And as always that smile makes all these projects that much more fun!

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