Friday, November 18

Glow sticks

One night while the kids were going crazy from boredom, thanks to the rain, we were looking for something to do to shake things up and have some fun. I pulled out some glow sticks we had on hand, which seem to be in every dollar bin right now, and we all ran to Taylor's room to for some fun.
 We shut off all the lights, broke out the glow sticks and watched the kids in amazement. They thought they were so cool! The started dancing around the room with them and spinning them in circles and we made funny faces behind the glow of our sticks.
We kept a close eye on Taylor to make sure he didn't put one in his mouth (he never did) other then that it was a fun safe activity.
 We experimented with making different shapes and letters and had a ton of fun goofing around taking pictures.
It was a dollar well spent and a great boredom buster. I'm thinking I always need to have some on hand.

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