Tuesday, October 11

Pine Cone Walk

I've been wanting to add discovery walks to our weekly activities now that the weather has cooled a bit and we went on our first one last week. The kids grabbed their buckets and off we went in search for pine cones. I have no plans for them right now but figure we will find a project to do with them later.
 There are several pine trees around us so they were easy to find and it was a great activity that both kids could be involved in.
 They both loaded their buckets so full they became too heavy for them to carry anymore, so I took over while we stopped off at the park for a little play time. They ran their little legs silly then we started heading back home.
 A little army jumped in for the ride back and along our way we spotted a praying mantis. While Taylor wasn't very interested in the little guy, Scarlett was fascinated!
 She was so gentle with it, holding the little guy and letting him walk around in her hair. When we were done, she gently set him back in the grass and told me he was going back to his mommy now, so sweet.
I can't wait to see what we discover this week on our walk.

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