Tuesday, August 2

Mickey Shirts on a Dime

For our Disneyland trip I wanted to make the kids some special little outfits. I made two for each of them and since I knew I wouldn't have a ton of free time to put them together I kept the first one simple. I picked up a quarter yard of some really cute Mickey material for $3, cut around a couple of the Mickeys and appliqued them on some shirts that the kids already had in their closets.
I did Taylor's in a circle to cover up an existing picture on his shirt and it worked out perfect!
 On Scarlett's I added a Mickey to the front and a little mouse head to the back. She was so excited to wear it!
 I still have enough material left over that I would eventually like to make a matching skirt but that will have to come another day. For $3 I was able to give both my kids special Disney shirts without having to shell out the $15 each they were asking for at the park, yeah!! 
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  1. What a great idea and your kids shirts will be unique compared to all those in the gift shop! Cute kiddies, too :)

    Thanks for stopping by!



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