Tuesday, August 30

Car Seat Canopy and Strap Covers

I wanted to make a car seat canopy and strap covers for my sister and thanks, once again, to the world of blogging and pinterest I was able to find two really great tutorials. One day we had been wandering around Joann's and my sister spotted this super fun mushroom fabric, I knew I would have to go back and pick it up for this project.
I followed this tutorial for the car seat canopy. It was crazy easy to make and fits the car seat just perfect. I used the mushroom fabric for the top and did a bright orange for the underside and straps for the handles.
 It looks kind of salmony here but trust me it's orange.
For the strap covers I used the same mushroom print and went with brown bias tape. I went with this tutorial for making the strap covers and once again it was a great tutorial. I love the color they add to the seat!
Scarlett of course had to test everything out before we gave it to her auntie. 
 In case you can't tell, that's Dory from Finding Nemo strapped into the car seat and I guess she teething because Scarlett made sure she had her teething ring in the seat with her along with her sippy cup.

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