Thursday, August 4

Cars Racing Shorts

For our second day at Disneyland I made Taylor a pair of Cars shorts. I love everything about these shorts!! I followed another one of Dana's tutorials at Made for the Retro Racer Shorts and as always it was super easy to follow. She makes me feel like I am so much more talented then I am with a sewing machine because her tutorials are so well written and photographed.
 I used a super comfy Cars material that I picked up at Joann's for $6 (this made Taylor's shorts and Scarlett's dress) and used red bias tape (that I picked up at a thrift store for $.19) because I wanted it to really stand out. Three bucks for a super awesome pair of shorts is what I'm talking about! I want to make Taylor a pair of these shorts for every day of the year because I LOVE the way they look on him. I love that they are sporty, comfy and are a slim fit. It seems like most athletic type shorts are GIANT on my little guy so I love things with a slimmer fit.
These are the first piece of clothing that I have put on him that he didn't want me to take off, that makes momma feel good.
 They were great for an action packed day of running around and playing.
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