Monday, January 30

Veggie Tales crafting

The kids have had a cold for the past week and since we were trying to be nice and not pass it on to other kids I stayed home from church with them while James went. I didn't want them to miss out so we had Sunday school at home this week.
 They absolutely love Veggie Tales so for our craft I pulled out some construction paper and cut out all the parts to make our very own Bob the tomato and Larry the Cucumber.
 When all the pieces were ready I had them join me at the table and let the kids assemble their Veggie friends. I added a bit of glue to the back of each piece one at a time as they assembled them until they were complete.
 Scarlett was really excited about putting them together, carefully placing each piece in just the right spot.
 Then we added large popsicle sticks to the backs with a little tape so we could use them as puppets.
 Can you tell which Larry Taylor put together? Hehe! I may have helped him a little with his Bob, his attention span isn't quite as long as his sisters.
 After they played with them for a bit we sat down and read a story from our Veggie Tales bible together and used our new puppets to help tell the story.
 After our bible story I gave Scarlett a haircut then put them in their bathing suits and we went out back for some pool time. It's been in the 70s and 80s this past week so we took advantage of the nice day and spent time outside. I filled the pool with warm water from the kitchen so they were super comfortable in the water and I sat back and watched them play while I started reading The Hunger Games.
 I must have completely worn them out because once lunch time came, we went inside and ate and then they both took the longest naps they have taken in a while. Long naps equalled some nice quiet time for mommy and daddy, yay!

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