Thursday, June 24

Watercolor Silhouette

I adapted this project from one that I had seen on a great blog that I read called Prudent Baby . We made a few changes though, instead of using watercolor paints we used watercolor pencils which gave it a bit of a different effect then the way hers turned out. I am really happy with the results and my sister had a fun time doing it with us.

All you need are watercolor pencils, some paper, and an image that you want to use for your silhouette.

Once you have your image selected, cut it out and trace around it onto your paper.
You then color in all the area surrounding your silhouette with what ever colors you like. My sis chose to do one in blues and another in purples. It is best to cover the paper in at least 3 different shades of the color of your choosing and then blend them all together, careful not to get color inside of your silhouette.
Once it is all blended you just have to wait for it to dry and you are done.
"Horse on the go" in blues.


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