Monday, June 28

Comfy Visor

With the days warming up we are spending more and more time outside which means we are also spending more time in the sun. We slather on the sunscreen when we go out but nothing beats the protection of shade. I try to keep hats on the kids, so I thought having Scarlett make her own visor would be a fun project to do together.

We picked up a pink foam visor from the craft store for $1 and some self adhesive foam animals for around $3 for about 50 of them. They also carry a wide variety of foam letters, shapes and animals in a bunch of different colors so you can personalize this any way you like. We choose a pack of animals that contained monkeys, frog, cats and dogs which just so happens to be her favorite animals.

I let her select the animal that she wanted to put on, then I pulled the back off to expose the sticky side and let her place it on the visor where she wanted.

She was very meticulous in her choices and layed them all out in front of her to get a good look at her options.

It was a total hit and she loves wearing it. With the stretchy band holding it on and the foam being so light weight, it is really comfortable to wear.

Modeling her new visor while she does a little coloring outside.

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