Tuesday, May 25

Pine Cone Bird Feeders

When I was younger I loved making pine cone bird feeders. It is such a simple project but has a fun payoff of attracting and feeding little birds that will come and sing to you.

All you need is smooth peanut butter, birdseed, pine cones, twine, a butter knife and a plate.

It is easiest if you start out by tying your twine around the tops of your pine cones so that you have something to hang them from when you are ready to take them outside.
Then you will take your butter knife and coat your pine cone in a layer of peanut butter, trying to get in the nooks and crannies as good as possible.
As soon as it's good and coated, roll your pine cone in your birdseed, pressing it in so it is covered really well. This is a great time for your little helper to lend a hand, sprinkling seed on and pressing it down. Expect those little hands to make a bit of a mess but don't worry, its nothing a quick vacuuming and a wet towel cant clean up.

They are now ready to be hung for the birds.
We tied ours in a bush we have out front and are looking forward to our 1st chirping visitors.

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