Wednesday, May 12

Magnetic Paper Dolls

I loved playing with paper dolls when I was a girl and have been looking forward to the day I could introduce Scarlett to paper dolls. I had some old Mary Engelbreit magazines and she had a different adorable little doll each month that she would share. I had been cutting them out and saving them for when Scarlett would be a little gentler with things. Then an idea came to me that would let us play with them now, magnetic paper dolls for the fridge. They were super easy to make and I have been having just as much fun with them as she is.
All you need are scissors, magnetic sheets (which you can find at craft stores), something to laminate the fronts of your dolls (I used packing tape), and your paper dolls.

First rough cut your dolls and their outfits out. Then you will want to laminate the fronts of them to give them a little bit of extra protection. I just used regular packing tape but you could also use laminating paper if you have some around.

Then place them on the sticky side of the magnetic sheets. Try to place them so that you are getting the most out of your sheet. Then you just cut them out, staying as close as possible to the outline of the doll. The sheets are very easy to cut but it helps to have a pair of small sharp scissors so you can get in and around some of the smaller details. Once they are cut out you are all set!
They work great on the fridge and their little clothes stick on no problem.

The first thing she said when she saw them was "OOOOOH pretty!!" and they make for a great distraction when I am trying to get things done in the kitchen.


  1. I love the dolls...where did you get them??

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