Monday, January 31

Baseball Curtain Rod

To go along with the whole sports/baseball theme going on in Taylor's room I came up with the baseball curtain rod. We used a one inch wooden dowel for the rod and hung it on some inexpensive rod hangers, all together it cost about $5 for the set up.
 We used some baseballs that I was given and my dad cored one inch holes into one side of the balls.
We then squirted a little glue inside the ball to make sure they stayed in place, slipped them right onto the dowel, and presto, a custom curtain rod fit for any baseball lovers room.

If you wanted a little color you could even pain the dowel to match the room but I was kind of digging the wood look.
Play Ball!!


  1. WOW!! This is a fantastic idea my son is a huge soccer fan and I'm sure he's gonna love to have these kinda curtain rods in his room.


  2. I love this (and pinned it on pinterest!). We are re-doing our twin boys room in a more grown up baseball theme for their 5th birthday next month, and I am definitely stealing this idea!



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