Thursday, January 13

Running quilt

Just before the new year we decided to take the plunge and finally move Taylor into his room. I had been having paranoid fears of the kids crying back and forth, keeping each other up all night and that we would never sleep again. Luckily that did not happen and the transition was so smooth. Now that his room is all cleaned up and decked out I can share some of the fun things going on in there.

James had been holding on to several of the running shirts he had from races he did in high school and college, so a few years back I cut them all up and made them into a quilt. It was not an easy project piecing them all together (my mom was a big help with that part) but it was so worth the time. When we found out we were having a boy we thought it would look cool hanging on the wall in his room, it gives it a good punch of color and goes well with the sports theme going on.
 You can make one out of any old shirts, my only suggestion is try and cut them all out to be close to the same size for piecing together. It makes such a soft and cuddly blanket or quilt and gives you a cool way to hang onto some memories.

♥My boy so happy to have his own room♥

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