Tuesday, January 11

Displaying memories

I tend to save little things here and there from important events in our life and instead of keeping them stored away in some box I like to put them on display in shadow boxes.
 The first one that I ever did holds the ring box that my engagement ring came in, dried flower from a bouquet that James gave me on our wedding day, the tiara that I wore, my purse and garter and a picture of us that day.
 I then made ones of the kids stuff from when they were born. I put in their coming home outfits, hospital bracelets, bassinet name tags and birth announcements.

Then most recently I put together one for each of the kids of their baby dedication papers and the outfits that they wore that day. These are a special reminder of why we choose to have them dedicated and to follow that commitment.
I'm sure I will add many more to this wall as the kids grow older and special things continue to happen in our lives.

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