Friday, March 4

At the Hop

I made my first poodle skirt and had so much fun with this project. My friend needed a poodle skirt for her daughter for a school dance and asked if I could help, I was more then happy to try out a tutorial that I had seen online.
 I sketched out a poodle onto a piece of black felt with a white fabric pencil and cut it out with a pair of sharp scissors.
 I then used iron-on rhinestones, pink of course, to add a little bling to our puppy.
 I then drafted a pattern for the skirt using the circle skirt tutorial from Made, it was really easy to follow and was perfect for a poodle skirt. I used a light weight, pale pink, fleece for the skirt and 2 inch wide elastic for the waist band. The fleece was awesome because I didn't have to worry about hemming, time saver!
 Then, using fabric glue, I glued the poodle into place and added a little leash, made from a paw print ribbon.
I unfortunately didn't get any pictures of the cutie wearing the skirt but let me tell you, she looked cute. I can't wait to make one of these for my own little cutie one day, I love fun retro stuff!

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