Monday, March 7

From Onesie to T-shirt

Now that Scarlett is getting older I don't care for putting her in onesies, especially with potty training. Instead of getting rid of some perfectly good onesies, I turned them into t-shirts. 
It took about 30 minutes from start to finish to make the changes to three shirts, that's my kind of project.
I cut them off along the bottom, leaving them as long as possible.
I then used my serger (we have just recently become acquainted and I love her) to finish the edges. You could also just leave the edge raw and let it roll or hem it but that would take away a little of the length.
That's it! Just like that! Your finished!
Now I don't have to fuss with snaps when it's time to change a diaper or if a little someone is interested in using the potty and that makes momma happy.
And she is free to lounge around in the yard without a care in the world.

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