Tuesday, March 29

Toe Socks into Leg Warmers

I have a friend that had some old toe socks with funky cool patterns and was she was wondering if I could make those into leg warmers also. I rose to the challenge and they turned out really cute. They are a little shorter then knee high socks but are a great length for babies and toddlers little legs and are a great up-cycling project. The ones I made here had no heel so that gave me extra length to work with too. 

I started out by cutting the toe part off and tossed it, leaving as much length to the sock as possible. 
 I then serged all the way around the bottom to keep it from fraying, you could also do a zigzag stitch with your sewing machine.
 Then I turned the ends under about half an inch, pinned it in place and straight stitched it all the way around with a coordinating thread since it would be showing. So that the bottom of your leg warmer has some stretch and give to it, make sure your straight stitch is long, I had my stitch length set at 4. That's it, your done!
Your finished leg warmers should look similar to these bad boys. Now I just wish I had a picture of my friend's super cute daughter in hers to show you.

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  1. These are so cute!!! They're also handy when potty training so you don't have to wrangle little pants 2,783 a day.



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