Wednesday, March 9

Making it Ours

I get hand me downs from a few of my friends and while the stuff is in really good shape, I love to make changes to things so that they feel like they are ours. I was recently given this nice little pink and white seersucker dress and although it was cute, it screamed Easter dress to me, not everyday use. I only made a few simple changes to it but now I love it and would put her in it any day.
I started out by removing the old tie that went around the waist and pulled off the bow and rosettes. I know, it's very wrinkly, I do not iron.
I had some Disney princess ribbon in my stash that I found at a garage sale that I had been dying to use on something and this was just the project to use it on. I also had a white crochet flower that my sister had made tucked away in my stuff that I pulled out and a pink button that matched perfectly. 
I sewed the ribbon across the waistline and left it long on each side so I could tie it in a bow in the back. Then I sewed the flower on, using the button as the center of the flower.
She calls it her princess dress and feels extra special in it, which makes me one happy momma!
Now she's ready for a day of planting strawberries...
or spying on the neighbors through the fence.
And it looks too dang cute with her John Deere boots, I love those boots, I wish I had a pair in my size.


  1. hey, i added you as a link to my blog because i LOVE all the up-cycling you do... ;)



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