Thursday, March 17

Spring Planting

Now that it looks like frost is behind us we have been out in the yard doing some planting. Taylor LOVES to get wet and play in the mud under the sprinkler, I love his soggy little butt.

 Thanks to my grandma, we got 2 orange trees that we put in out back and we also planted a fuerte avocado.
 Scarlett also helped me plant a few strawberry plants and some basil. We are also growing two grapes, one concord and one thompson seedless, mint, catnip, chives, brussel sprouts, and have a few rows of lettuce hanging on. When we moved in there was a lemon and peach out back and both are doing well. I'm looking forward to those delicious peaches, the juice from them running down your hands while you eat them. We have a few more things planned to go out but that's it for now.
In the mean time the kids can run around, play in the mud and spy on the neighbors through the fence. Scarlett is our own little neighborhood watch, so look out!

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