Friday, March 18

Upcycled Tink Pillow

Every few weeks I go through the kids clothes to see if there is anything they have outgrown. If I come across something with a cute print I will set it aside for possible future projects. I recently found this pink Tink sweater hanging in Scarlett's closet that was getting a little too tight for her. The little Tink applique was just too cute to send on it's way so it got a new life.

 Scarlett fell in love with it as soon as I gave it to her, which makes every project worth doing. This sweater was tiny so it made a nice little toddler size pillow, perfect for a toddler bed or for traveling in the car but you could do it with any size sweater.
 The first thing I did was lay it out flat and then cut off the sleeves, and squared off the top, bottom and sides leaving me with 2 rectangular pieces, one that was the front and one that was the back.
 I then put right sides together and sewed all the way around 3 sides and half of the fourth, leaving a gap big enough to turn it inside out and then stuff it.
 I then turned it inside out...
 and stuffed it with polyfill until it was nice and fluffy. While I was still able to fit my hand inside I made sure to stuff the corners really well so that it would hold it's shape a little better.
 Once it was stuffed, I hand sewed the opening closed using a matching thread and it was done!
 This was a really easy nap time project, it only took about 30 minutes, and it's always fun to give the kids something new when they wake up from their naps.

♥Fairy goodness♥

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