Thursday, February 24

Kitchen Cabinet To Do List

Did you notice any changes to the blog? I felt like it was time for a make over. Anyway...

I'm not a list kinda gal but in an attempt to become a more organized person I decided I'm going to try and keep a daily to-do list. So far it has been a really great thing for me. Not only does it keep me on task but at the end of the day I can see that I actually accomplish things that day. I was already in the process of picking out paint colors for our kitchen cabinets and I thought the pantry doors would be the perfect place for my to-do list. It would be staring me in the face through out the day and friendly on our environment since I wouldn't be using a sheets of paper that I would toss out each day.
Our cabinets were your run of the mill cabinets and were begging for some color.
On the pantry doors I painted the inside of the panels with chalkboard paint and on all the other upper cabinets I used regular black satin paint.
I then painted the rest of the wood grasshopper wing (it's green). Don't look at the other cabinets, I hadn't finished them yet.
I then painted on the chalkboard, with the green paint, my to-do list and divider line so that it always stays on the board. I can now use chalk to add a new list each day and watch the check marks line up. Obviously I hadn't done much that day so far.
And the kids can draw on the bottom door when I feel like letting them use the chalk. The great thing about chalk is that it cleans off so easily so it really isn't a big mess if they happen to get a little on the cabinet or wall.
I'm feeling more organized already!!



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