Monday, February 7

Play with your Breakfast

I was attempting to pack us all for a weekend away and had a very bored toddler following me around. I decided the only was I was going to get done at day was if I gave her something cool to do. I poured her a bowl of cheerios and gave her a tie from an old sweatshirt and showed her how to string them all on the string.
 She got right to work, concentration very hard on the task, and did a great job of stringing them.
 The thing I liked most was I didn't have to worry about little beads falling on the ground for Taylor to find and attempt to eat since our "beads" were cereal.
 And when Scarlett needed a little snack along the way, she could just munch on her project.
 Such a proud girl!
 Then when she tired of that activity, I grabbed another bowl and a pair of tongs and showed her how to transfer the cereal from one bowl to the other, using only the tongs.
 Both activities were great for building fine motor skills and boosting self esteem. Way to go Scarlett!!

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