Tuesday, April 26

Rice Krispie Nests

A few days before Easter the kids and I went for a visit at my mom's house and made Rice Krispie nests for our friends and family.
 Scarlett loved helping and sneaking little bites.
 We started out by making the original Rice Krispies recipe but instead of smashing them in a pan, we sprayed our hands with cooking oil and smashed them into little nest shapes with our hands. Once we had all our nests made we placed them in cupcake liners. We then mixed a few drops of green food coloring with about a half cup of coconut shreds to make the nesting grass. Once it was all mixed we sprinkled a little in each nest.
 Then we topped them off with robins eggs.
 We didn't want to leave our eggs unguarded so we made momma birds for each. I just picked out a clip art bird and printed out a sheet of them facing one direction, then printed out a sheet of them in the reverse direction (according to the cake shows, it always has to look good from both sides). Then we cut them out glued the two together onto a toothpick and stuck them in our nests.
They made such a happy addition to our Easter table and were a tasty little treat.

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