Monday, April 4

Superhero Capes

Last weekend we headed down to Carlsbad for a weekend of racing. This was Taylor's 1st race and Scarlett's 2nd and I thought the kids would feel a lot faster if they had superhero capes to run in.
 I made the capes out of light weight cotton and did coordinating bias tape around the edges and used the bias tape for the ties around their necks. I cut their superhero racing names and the circle burst thing out of felt. I just used hot glue to stick the letters and burst onto the cape, it held up great for the race but I don't know how well it would hold up in the wash.
They were so fun because people were cheering for them since they could read their names on the capes and they looked so cute running down the street in them.
They definitely had a little extra power that day.
 Look at that girl go!!
My awesome little superhero's getting their medals, way to go guys!!

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