Monday, April 11

Farm Chair

My Grandpa Hauser was a talented craftsman, always working on a new project. We always had plenty to talk about when we would get together, sharing ideas and stories. I inherited many of my creative genes from him and some of my quirky habits. After he passed away last year my uncle gave me this very cute little wooden chair that my grandpa had made, thinking I would like it for my kids. It was unfinished wood and the second I saw it I knew what I wanted to do with it. Although we live in suburbia, my kids think they are farmers and love animals, so I made it a farm chair. I don't get to paint as often as I would like, so it took me a few months to paint it but I'm finally finished and my kids just love it. They love that it's their size and they love the pictures on it, it's a hit. I think my grandpa would love that the chair he made has become a treasured piece of furniture here.
 There are cows, chickens, a horse, birds, sheep, a dog and two little kitties just like our Sid and Bella.


  1. Amy that chair is awesome!! You are seriously talented and by the looks of it so was your grandpa. How special for your kids, I am sure that will be something they will fight over when they have their own children some day :)

  2. Hi Amy, I so glad to see what you did with the little chair. That's so much more than I had hoped for. I know grandpa is very happy and proud of you. Continue to love and embrace your family. Its at the end of each day, we give thanks, to all that we have. Then look forward to the next, for all its rewards.
    Uncle Mark



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