Wednesday, April 20

For the locals: DeJong's Dairy tour

Last week we jumped in the car and headed to De Jong's Cash & Carry Dairy in Wildomar. We met a few other moms from Moms club and did the dairy tour together. It was $3 each and worth every cent.
 The kids were shaking with excitement when we pulled up, Scarlett was mooing and they couldn't wait to get out of the car and see the cows.
 Before our tour started we got a chance to see some of the other animals they had there which included a pot belly pig, peacocks, goats, guinea pigs, bunnies and I'm sure I'm forgetting some critters.
 My kids especially loved the guinea pigs, I had to pull them away to get to our tour.
 It's a very small, family owned dairy and we got to see where they milk the cows and store the milk but the part the kids loved the most was feeding the cows.
 Scarlett fed the big cows and Taylor fell in love with the calves. He was squirming to get out of my arms and run over to feed the little guys.
 He picked up hands full of the feed and let them lick it right out of his hand.
He would have loved to crawl right in there with them. They were licking his face and gnawing on his little hand, he was laughing and smiling the whole time. Here is some video of him bonding with his new favorite animal, it is one of my all time favorite videos ever. There is no better sound then hearing my kids laugh, I love it!
 When the tour was over they took us all to a some picnic tables and served everyone chocolate chip cookies along with the most delicious chocolate milk I have ever tasted. I am going to crave this stuff it's so yummy. The kids were on cloud 9 sucking down their milk and eating their cookies and then slipped into a milk coma for the ride back home.
I would highly recommend paying them a visit, it's a fun experience and the chocolate milk is worth it, mmmmm, I could go for some right now!

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