Friday, April 1

Shaving Cream Tub Time

While I was at the store the other day I ran across some shaving cream. It made me remember a friend saying her kids loved playing with it in the bath so I picked up a cheap can. At the next bath time I squirted it all over the walls and all over the kids.
 Taylor thought it was the coolest thing but Scarlett was totally weirded out by it, it was kind of funny. I think she will eventually warm up to it but for now she will just sit back and watch the fun.
With the hairy genes my poor kids have passed onto them from both mommy and daddy they better get used to this stuff cause they are going to be shaving early on, sorry guys.
We will definitely be keeping a can in our tub, I like any activity that only requires a splash of water and it's all cleaned up.

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