Tuesday, May 3

Fairy Building

 I was hanging out with my little sister and she asked if I wanted to do a craft with her. I'm always up for crafting so I jumped at the chance and let her pick what we were going to do. She pulled out this fairy making kit that she had received as a present and we looked through the book together. Once we had an idea of what it was all about we set to work making our fairies.
 I would have to say this was one of the most addicting crafts I have ever done. I could have sat there for days making new ones, it was so much fun. The kit comes with everything you need to make several but you could also make them with your own supplies. We used beads, floral wire, embroidery floss, petals and leaves from fake flowers, and little wooden beads for the heads but you could use anything that inspires you.
 This craft was a little too advanced for Scarlett and Taylor to do but I would love to get it all out for them when they are a little older. Scarlett sure loved the end result though. She played with them and carried them around the rest of the day and was so gentle with them.
 I now have them hanging out by my sewing stuff, overseeing my work and they are reading any time to play with Ms Scarlett.

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