Friday, May 6

For the locals: Escondido Children's Museum

I love children's museums! I love how the kids can run free and interact with everything all the while learning something. I recently drove down to meet a friend at the Escondido Children's Museum to see what they had to offer.
I let each of the kids have a little snack on our drive and Taylor fell asleep mid-snack. What a sweet boy!
I had a little trouble finding the museum at first and I would recommend NOT parking by Grape Day park and walking over. Park in the parking lot next to the museum, a lot of homeless people tend to hang out in the park and it's not ideal to walk through with little ones. Once we got inside the kids ran straight for a little table with a scale and box full of things to weigh. I had to pry them away from it and convince them there were other cool things to look at.
They have a little building that looks just like an old classroom with a large chalkboard for the kids to write on and play school.
There is a small building with easels, paint, paintbrushes and complete freedom to do what you want with them. There is paint on the walls, the floor and some made it onto the paper supplied. Scarlett loved painting in there.
There is a table with buckets full of bubbles and giant wands for the kids to swing around. When Taylor discovered this I was hardly able to get him interested in anything else.
They have a very fun water table that is full of Lego's.
There is a puppet theater for the kids to play with, art tables, a tree house, a garden and a special area just for toddlers.
Scarlett really enjoyed the light tables and seeing what colors she could make by stacking the plastic pieces together.
I think I got the biggest kick out of watching the kids play dress up on the stage they have. Taylor picked out a pirate hat, which was funny considering he was wearing a pirate shirt, then paraded proudly around on the stage showing off for anyone that would look. Scarlett tried on different hats and shoes, including a pair of wooden clogs and my friends daughter dressed up like a penguin.
It's not the nicest children's museum I have ever been to but we all really enjoyed it. The kids imaginations went wild, it wasn't super crowed while we were there and I thought the staff was friendly. I would totally take the kids back.

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